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Welcome to Magma Bird Dogs

Summer camp relocation postponed until July due to the Wallow Fire. READ MORE...

Bird Dog Training

Whether you are interested in starting your dog in training, getting your hunting companion ready for the upcoming season or simply improving your dog’s retrieving skills, Magma Bird Dogs can help. Established in 1973, Magma Bird Dogs has prepared all varieties of pointing breeds for hunting and field trial competition for more than thirty years.

Training is available year-round, with winter sessions offered in the low desert near Phoenix and summer sessions in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. Dogs at both locations are handled by Bill Gibbons, a leading trainer of hunting breeds who is known for his ability to recognize the cause of, and overcome, trainability problems. He will apply the same standard of training to both hunting and field trial dogs, resulting in an obedient, polished dog.

Bill Gibbons

Message From Bill...

I have done very well in my recovery from hip replacement surgery in August, and have been working a full string of dogs for the last few months with the help of a some very dedicated friends and helpers. I will be taking a limited number of dogs for summer camp this year. We will be setting up camp in the White Mountains of Arizona from about the 15th of June, thru the 15th of September.

Contrary to rumors I am not quitting, I am just slowing down. I have a steady stream of dog for training, and am once again enjoying working with the dogs now that the hip pain is gone I will be attending a few of the local field trials this coming year, and hope to be helping with putting on the Arizona Championship and the Region 12 Amateur Championship in Kingman.

I am still available by phone for any questions that you may have.


Rattle Snake Proofing Your Dog

Rattle Snake Proofing your Dog

Living in the desert of Phoenix or the mountain regions of Arizona, your dog is going to encounter snakes whether it is a hunting dog or a family pet, whether it is large or small. Rattle snake proofing your dog is essential for its safety, and may prove to be a safety measure for your children and family. Rattlesnakes live in all areas of Arizona, and some residents have even encountered them on their own front porch!

Rattlesnake proofing is effective with all breeds and all ages of dogs.  This training will help your dog overcome its natural curiosity and learn to flee from potential danger.  Our professional training program is backed by our years of experience with dogs and with Arizona wildlife, and we know that your dog will be safer when the rattle snake proofing is complete.

Visit our snake proofing page for schedules and pricing.

Explore our website to learn more about the services we offer. You can find information on hunting dog training, force retrieving, snake avoidance training, and boarding services, as well as photos of past and current dogs and our summer training facilities.

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